Humain Revolution Chahiye

Although, yes, there seems to be a plutocracy, and an impoverished peasantry, but there are a whole dynamic range of upwardly mobile social classes in between. Imran Khan’s public comprises this same dynamic range. Suffering from a general despondency about the direction the country is headed, there is however still a small sphere of opportunity around each of us, which is keeping us somewhat satiated. We do have something to lose, so we can’t put everything at stake.


Negotiating with Hamas: Will 50 Billion Dollars Sweeten the Deal

In Israeli political circles the scheme to demilitarize Gaza, proposed in mid July, is gaining traction. Shaoul Mofaz, Kadima leader and Israel Defense Forces Chief of General Staff, believes it is the only long-term… Continue reading


Fried things are the best things to wake up to. I woke up smelling eggs, an omelet perhaps. It was not possible though since my cook comes in late on Sundays. Like a… Continue reading

Christmas Tree

My body is lighting up like a christmas tree. But not in a good way. Like the lights that twinkle so bright and fast you cant focus anywhere long enough. It all started… Continue reading

Surprising Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Reposted from EveryDay Health: While loss of mobility, muscle spasms, and fatigue are hallmarks of MS, they’re not the only complications. Here’s a look at some less common symptoms. By Connie BrichfordMedically reviewed… Continue reading

In My Corner


Little Blue Tea Cup

There are flowers dancing around the rim of my mother in laws formal blue tea set. I have held this cup in my hands so many times, but i stare at them for… Continue reading

It’s Just Bacteria

It’s Just Bacteria.

It’s Just Bacteria

Don’t you sometimes have that feeling that you know exactly what your body is going through, what the problem is and where the problem is. Sometimes you really don’t have a clue. But… Continue reading

A smile is a thing

Did you know that smiles are hidden in the most unexpected places. It may be under your bed; a long forgotten shoe. A childhood book, that you read again to your children. In… Continue reading

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