Wake Me Up

The dampness is frightening. But not yet.  It will seep through and make a rain in my bones, i know. A deep murky mixture of water and rubble climbs slowly up the side of the bed.  We are awash on our beds, screaming at swimming  buses swinging round like  boats. But I am asleep. Through closed eyes i watch. They are collecting at a building. At the base of a hundred steps. A building, once magnanimous, now crumbling. They kneel as water fills its cracks and fissures under a dying sun. A stranger comes to lie beside me. Tired perhaps. But i am irritated. I turn over. I am asleep. Let me go, my precarious dream. Of a damp, wet and dying world…. Let me stay. A drunken awareness tugs at my lids. The expected, pain, finds its way in. Shoots through, pinning down my shoulders, and finds its nest in my hip.  I cannot scream anymore. I cannot cry. I am awake. My pupils dilate and contract searching for my will. I dont know how well i will be today. But it is a new day. And it has begun.