Christmas Tree

My body is lighting up like a christmas tree. But not in a good way. Like the lights that twinkle so bright and fast you cant focus anywhere long enough.

It all started post eid, i know that much. If there is one talent i know as a woman, it is this. Suppress, suppress, suppress. Suppress the anger, suppress the pain, the hurt. Many lifetimes of suppression; that for you is the collective woman.

But in the end what good is it to try to keep your pains secret from even yourself. They come back with a vengeance looking for your attention. All at once.

So here i am, with the one good eye bursting with pain. A limp leg, a stiff pelvis, relentless fever. I cant eat anything, without a gastric protest. Light hurts. Heat hurts. Cold hurts.

My body is showing me its fury. Because i didn’t pay attention when i should have. Because i didn’t express. And my people are none the wiser.