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Surprising Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Reposted from EveryDay Health: While loss of mobility, muscle spasms, and fatigue are hallmarks of MS, they’re not the only complications. Here’s a look at some less common symptoms. By Connie BrichfordMedically reviewed… Continue reading

It’s Just Bacteria

Don’t you sometimes have that feeling that you know exactly what your body is going through, what the problem is and where the problem is. Sometimes you really don’t have a clue. But… Continue reading

There will be time

I’ve always had too much on my mind. Too much to do. Too little time. When i was small, if i couldn’t play, if my mother had me seated in front of her… Continue reading

Making Calm

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. I suffer from a cocktail of other ailments that such abbreviations bring. But you never know what or which. You spend endless hours every week with new symptoms… Continue reading

Brain Fog

Brain fog. You don’t know it’s there till it’s gone. Till when you can function at your full capacity with your true faculties. It makes you forget you are better than this. I… Continue reading

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